X-Men themed Goblin team

11 12 2012

Pakulkan and Choumaster, two Spanish Blood Bowl players, have created this amazing Goblin team, based on the popular X-Men. The team belongs to Kerrunch. Pakulkan converted the team, while Choumaster painted it. The two sentinels are sculpted from the sratch.

More information can be found on the Spanish Blood Bowl Forum or on the NAF Forum.

The team is just amazing.


Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter

8 12 2012


Surfing the web, this Kickstarter project has caught my attention. It is one of the most succesful KS (and there are still 30 days left), but that was not the main point. Besides the awesome and beautiful sculpts, the game system looks promising.

The idea in a nutshell:
Kingdom Death: Monster is a coperative game for 1-6 players, where you take the role of one individuals. Without knowing why, who they are, or being able to communicate, a group of individuals have been found themselves in the dark with only limited light. Then, from the menacing darkness, creatures attack the group and gathering stones and what there is available, the group tries to defend themselves from the attacks. Once you defeat an enemy, you can take their remains to build clothes, weapons and armor.

Basically, the game is divided in three phases, where you basically go hunting (fights), gather the resources (showdown), and improve your settlement, armory, and the skills of your individuals. The dark atmosphere gives the game a great theme.

Even if there are 30 days left, I’ll try to convince some friends to pick up a 3 pack and get some discount and share shipping costs.

For more information, you can visit the creator’s site, where you can see some of the amazing sculpts: http://kingdomdeath.com/home.html

Deluxe customizable pitch is out! And we got the robots!

19 09 2012

Mantic just showed the first picture of the deluxe pitch that you can customize:

It can be added as an extra for $25 additional.

In a a very short time, we have reached the robot team and we got the next stretch goal, the robot MVP.

$240,000 – DBR-7 Prototype, Robot MVP

Robot MVP

DBR-7 is a cybernetic MVP and one-of-a-kind prototype keeper. Unlike other robots in the league he cannot transform and has instead risen above the usual robotic spectacle and into the ranks of the celebrity with his point-saving heroics. Crowds erupt into cheers when this bot steps out onto the pitch and his veiled operators always make sure to address them with a signature gloved salute.

If we hit this goal we will be able to fund the hulking robot known as DBR-7 and will include him free at Jack and Striker!

There is an alternative sketch for the MVP:

More information on:

Robots, busty girls, and fake Man of the Match

19 09 2012

Some hours after publishing the last post, the user that had apparently pledged for Man of the Match (highest pledge possible) retracted, which provoked that many that had hailed him some hours before, demanded Mantic to ban him from the KS. In the meanwhile, Mantic limited the two most popular pledge categories “Jack!” and “Striker!” with the argument that they want to commit to the shipping deadlines.

It seemed that this restriction made a lot of people who were observing how the KS evolved from behind the fences to jump in and pledged. We are currently at almost $320,000. By passing $305,000 Mantic unlocked another MVP, a female guard player for the Female Corporation Team: Anne-Marie Helder.

Anne-Marie Helder

From the Mantic KS site:

We’ve got a couple of different options for Helder – why don’t you let us know which version you prefer?

You can’t miss Helder on the pitch – she’s the one with a trail of broken bodies in her wake. Despite insisting that she’s ready for the role of Striker (and the glory the role brings with it), whether it’s her uncanny knack of being in the right place at the right time or her well-renowned right hook (as commentator Jake “the Jackhammer” Thunder found out during what was called an impromptu interview by the media), Coaches have continually pushed her towards playing the guard position – a position she excels herself in.

As a young player growing up she had an unhealthy obsession with the beast known as Buzzcut and Helder often tries to emulate him in her game. Whilst she lacks the physical presence to match him in pure brute strength, she is surprisingly quick (which her celebrity management company says supports her claims that she could rank up alongside the leading strikers of this decade if given the chance), and her “run-up-and-slams” often catch opposing players unawares.

Outside of the sport, Helder has her own range of cookbooks and is known to bake a mean tri-cal Pie.

Additionally, Mantic put in some foams and bags to carry all the stuff we will get for the KS.

Finally, if we achieve $325,000, Mantic will unlock the cool Robots team:

Robot team

$325,000 – The Robot Team

If we hit this goal you’ll have allowed us to fund a team of transforming bots and we will be able to add 1 Robot Player to Jack, 2 Robot Players to Striker and add the Robot team to our list of our Season 2 Buy One Get One Free Teams!

Cheers guys – we’ve plenty more to come! New models, new ideas and loads more freebies to finish off Season 1 and Season 2 with. Thanks for supporting us!

More detailed information can be found on the updates of the Dreadball KS:

Z’zor MVP Ludwig tackled! Nightshade appears from the shadows!

18 09 2012


Today has been an interesting day for those pledging at Dreadball’s Kickstarter campaign. First, some stretch goals were cut down to make them easier to achieve. A division of opinions existed about the coaches’ stretch goal and the Z’zor, even if the sketches were ok, they seemed to be somewhat poorer than the previous ones. Secondly, someone pledged for Man of the Match, which is the highest pledge possible. This in turn, led to the achievement of the Z’zor MVP, Ludwig, and to the revelation of the next stretchgoal: Nightshade, the second limited edition MVP. He will be available to the Jack! and Striker! pledges, once the campaign achieves $282,500.

Ludwig, Z'zor MVP

From the Dreadball Kickstarter page:

Ludwig is a winged monstrosity revered for his grumpiness and sulking. Chants of “Cheer up bug!” are often aimed at him if the opposing team score and he’s not averse to leaping into the crowd and letting the fans know “what he thinks” (which usually involves lots of pushing, shoving and occassionally disembowling).

On the pitch Ludwig uses his wings to great effect, often feinting a move only to flit around the other side of a player and slam them to the ground from another direction. Ludwig has defined the Sucker Punch in modern-age DreadBall.

Ludwig has now been added free to Jack and Striker! as well as with every Z’zor team picked up with a pledge of Guard! Coaches are also in and have been added to the extra on the main page!

But the most impactant new has been the new limited edition MVP. During some days, pledgers were only granted this silouette:

Who is this MVP?

And today, after the spectacular increase, Nightshade was introduced:

Nightshade, the second limited edition MVP

Rumored to be the child of former Asterian DreadBall star Iga Kizawa – or as some unsavory individuals in the sport claim, a clone of Iga himself – the Striker known only as Nightshade has quietly been making a name for himself over the last couple of cycles – very quietly in fact, as Nightshade is famed for never making a sound.

The most iconic thing about Nightshade is his sculpted body suit – custom DreadBall armour around which the air shifts and swirls as it moves. Technicians theorize that there is some kind of anti-matter projector that allows Nightshade to manipulate not just the ball but also his very appearance, making it incredibly difficult for him to be caught.

Sowing confusion and fear in opposing players is his primary tactic. Blackouts in stadiums have been momentarily reported only for the floodlights to burst back into life just at the moment that Nightshade has found himself in the Strike zone, hurling the ball into the Strike hex. Officials have tried to question Nightshade about these “events,” but he refuses to speak of them.

Asterian teams in the league have taken a lot of damaging criticism for Nightshade’s questionably immoral take on the sport and distance themselves from him at every mention. Leading Asterian coaches have said they would refuse his services, no matter how many points he has accumulated in his relatively short career.

Re-launching the blog

13 09 2012

Hi there!
It is the third attempt I want to launch this blog. This time I have proceed differently than before. I hope this will be the last time I relaunch the blog.

Changing topic. What is this blog going to be about?

Blood Bowl
As the name of the blog states, it is going to be strongly focused on Blood Bowl (BB). Besides presenting the news of this game, I want to show the different options players have to build their teams. The official GW products are clearly outdated. New companies have filed this market niche, but I will also introduce some options to make your teams GW approved. Additionally, I will present how to play BB without having to invest too much money.

Although Dreadball is not a reality yet, the enormous support it has become on Kickstarter, has assured its appeareance at the end of 2012. I will inform on all the news and updates that occur. Once the game is out, I will share my thoughts and experiences with the game.

After trying to play Warhammer Fantasy Battles, 40k, Mordheim, and other GW related games, I came across a game that did not catch my attention some years ago. Infinity, from the Spanish company Corvus Belli, is a great and balanced skirmish game located in a rich and well developed ambientation. Here I will explain how my friends and me prepare our campaign.

Impact! City Roller Derby
ICRD is the first project I backed on Kickstarter. Having purchased many products from Impact! Miniatures and having colaborated with them during many years, I decided to support their new premium product. The game is based in an American sport becoming increasingly more important and profesionalized. The game seems to capture the essence and dynamism of the sport.

There are several projects I want to start or I am currently working on. In this section I will present the state of my current projects. At the writing of this post, I am currently working on my Blood Angels army, the Blood Templars, my WHFB High Elf Army (not named yet), and started a BB project, in which I want to convert and paint 100 miniatures that represent fans. More projects will be added in the future.

As I am not a good painter, nor modeller, I try my best. I am constantly looking for tutorials and examples that might improve my skills. In this section, and with the permission of their authors, I want to share those tutorials that I think useful.

Mannheimer Massaker Blood Bowl League (MMBBL)
The Mannheimer Massaker Blood Bowl League is the current BB league I am organizing. I have managed to gather some friends and other players to get Mannheim playing BB. All the infos and updated will be available as soon as they occur.

Well, I hope I am able to discipline myself and update this blog every day. Wish me good luck. I hope you enjoy reading this blog.




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